Serving the protectors

What makes us different?

Class Structure
• diverse programs covering a wide range of material to suit your individual or agency needs
• training includes application to real life events and scenerios

• encouraging training sessions where everyone feels welcome and safe and is treated equally regardless of ability, gender, age, or ethnicity
• support network where each member encourages you to do your best and persevere through failure or frustration both on and off the mats

• approachable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, engaged, and demonstrates integrity
• treats each student as individuals customizing material to ensure individual service delivery
• Uses positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement and corporal punishment

• An understanding of why techniques work physically, historically, and philosophically
• Better understanding of the body’s physical limitations
• Diverse exercise routines

Individual and Agency pricing available.

We can custom tailor classes to meet your needs.

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